MIDI Files

MIDI Files and Backing Tracks by Hit Trax for performers, bands and singers in the United Kingdom. Select from over 30,000 licensed MIDI Files and download 24/7. Change key, tempo, mute/add/remove instruments, alter arrangement and view on-screen lyrics. MIDI Files can be edited and transposed infinite times, bounce to MP3 and WAV backing tracks and retain 100% sonic quality every time.

Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks are popular with entertainers, singers and bands that do not own a MIDI Files player. Hit Trax Backing Tracks are high quality MP3 format to play on any compatible computer, music device and app. Our producers use studio quality instrument samples so your on stage performance sounds like a real band.

Hit Trax MIDI Files Backing Tracks

MIDI Files are the engine powering backing tracks. 'MIDI ' is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI Files are the song data files created and played back on MIDI devices, can be converted to MP3, WAV and other audio formats using an appropriate interface, MIDI sound modules include the Merish 3, Roland Sound Canvas and similar devices from Yamaha, Korg and Tascam.

The advantage to using MIDI Files are endless, easy to edit, infinite transpose and arrangement changes without affecting the quality, print notation, create melody and harmony guides are just some of the features in a MIDI File.

Get optimum sounds through a MIDI playback device. Over the years there have been many released on the market, some great and some not so great. When using MIDI Files, there are some basic do's and don'ts to take into consideration. For example.

  • Ensure the MIDI File is GM formatted
  • Always purchase from a trusted vendor
  • Ensure your playback device is a recent model

Hit Trax MIDI Files and backing tracks are produced to very high standards. Almost all titles include karaoke style scrolling lyrics, a melody guide and harmonies guide. All Hit Trax MIDI Files have arranged endings - no fade outs.

Special Orders

Hit Trax can create any backing track for your corporate events, stage shows & theatre, wedding and any special occasions. Songs are usually produced in 2 to 4 days and includes a MIDI File with embedded Karaoke lyrics and song markers along with a full MP3 mix. Your custom song is guaranteed to 'Load and Play' in any compatible GM and MP3 device. Click here for more info ....

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Hit Trax Instructional Video's

Short and fun videos show how to get the best from your MIDI Files, backing tracks and Merish MIDI backing track players. Learn how to buy online, download lost song files and use playback devices like the Merish series backing track players. Click here for more info ....

Transpose MP3 backing tracks

Download MP3 transposer program for PC and custom set the key to your mp3 backing tracks. Click here for more info ....

Chordie and SongBook Pro

Download chord sheets for backing tracks. Edit using any text editor and import into Merish 3 and other backing track players to scroll lyrics and chords in real time to your MIDI Fils and MP3 backing tracks. Click here for more info ....

Apps for MIDI Files and Backing Tracks

Download editing programs and apps to split tracks in SMF's, transpose and time shift Mp3 files plus more. Click here for more info ....

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